We can help identify appropriate treatment for you as well as a clinician trained to help you and your particular needs

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Qualified clinicians can identify the appropriate medication to treat you.

Ethos Care’s exceptional psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners will help you receive the care and medication you need to manage any mental or behavioral health conditions.


Therapy treatment designed to meet your needs.

A qualified therapist helps you better adapt to the challenges and stresses in your life with therapy tailored to you.


A trained advisor can help you better navigate the changes in your life.

Obtain expert guidance to guide you through children, family and relationship challenges.


Follow-up and monitoring are crucial to ensure that any medication you are prescribed enables you to enjoy life.

Improve self-awareness and confidence, and collaborate on an actionable plan to meet life and career goals.

Ethos Care medical experience goes above and beyond your typical primary care practice

Ethos care Typical primary care practices
Same or next day appointments
Appointments start on time Unlikely
Coordination between teams
24/7 virtual care
Accepts most major insurance Unlikely
Longer, non-rushed appointments
Technology-enabled to ensure accuracy

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