Did you know 53% of Adult Americans report experiencing mental health issues?

1 in 7 children

aged 2-8 years in the U.S. has a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder.

62% of individuals

with identified mental health conditions do not receive treatment

60% of U.S. counties

do not have any practicing psychiatrists

46 days

is the average wait time for new adolescent patient appointments.

The process

Just with 3 simple steps

Find a qualified specialist to help you with your mental or behavioral health needs


Your doctor orders a test

Millions of Americans live with undiagnosed mental health issues. We’ve empowered clinicians to order a simple test for any of their patients, so you don’t have to live without insight.


Self administer the test

Your initial assessment will take approximately 3 minutes. The follow-up assessment is approximately 20 minutes. Your results can be shared directly with your doctor at your request.


Receive referrals and treatment

Based on your assessments, Ethos Care recommends options for caregivers and treatment. Caregivers may include psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists or coaches.

Trusted by thousands of patients and providers

“The clinician is very kind and sensitive to everything I'm dealing with. She's also incredibly knowledgeable about how medications work. She's helping me tremendously!!”


“My provider never misses an opportunity to make me feel important and heard. The tools and counseling provided are genuinely helpful and increase the quality of my life. On a side note, in case I haven’t told you, I feel incredibly lucky getting put under your care. I really do think you do a wonderful job. Thank you.”


“We like the ease of scheduling around busy days. We love that you listen to us and take into consideration our daily life circumstances. As a parent of a patient and a patient myself, I feel like we are able to get a more specific treatment course for our individual needs than what is provided through our PCP”


My time working with you has been life-changing. We spend a lot of time talking about the science part of medications... I initially wasn't interested in working with anybody, but your provider is just different in the best way!


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